Mar 28, 2012

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish 09 Diva Coral Swatch

I have really really really really lost count of the stuff that I want badly but either they are not available in India or do not even ship to India. I ended up buying my NYX and Physicians Formula stuff from ebay (NYX from Ebay and PF from Ebay) but then I am not sure if I want to do to regularly...but I will have to as there is no other way out.

So, again recently there was this 4 nail polish set from E.L.F that was for just 5$ and I really wanted was not available anywhere (btw its even out of stock now in E.L.F website). I loved one of the colors – Party Peach in that – the way it looks in the website. It looks too orange in the swatches that I saw online.

As I can never have it now, let me stop talking about it. But as my mind still craves for a similar color I instantly got this MaxFactor when I saw in the store without even swatching it.

Stay – It has not chip even after 5 days. And to be true I cannot keep a color longer than that so this is perfect.

Formula – Its very think. It might cause streakiness is not applied carefully. Might dry out soon if not used properly.

Color – It the perfect bright for the season – Not too orange and not red. Dark bright coral.

Price – 245 INR. Bit costly for a polish that I might finish up in 5 uses of full nail-toe painting.

This BTW was my first MaxFactor product. I also got a lip color which will be reviewed here shortly. They gave me a black nail polish from the Nailfinity range. The SA (Her name was Durga) was really sweet. She wanted to try a blush on my face (which drugstore SA wants to do that?) but unfortunately I was running out of time.

Do you liked the color for the season? 
Which MaxFactor products have you tried and love? 

Do let me know :D

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