Mar 27, 2012

A/W 11 Bourjois PARIS DELHI SHANGHAI Sweet Kiss 81 Rose Folks Review

Pink, it's my new obsession, yeah 
Pink, it's not even a question 
Pink, on the lips of your lover 
'Cause pink is the love you discover

These words by Aerosmith are finally heard by Bourjois which launched 3 new sweet kiss shades in their PARIS DELHI SHANGHAI : AUTUMN/WINTER LIPSTICK TRENDS 2011 Collection


Be daring and embrace the ethnic trend in just one flick! Take your pick from our 3 new luscious Sweet Kiss pink shades and get ready to dress your lips in radiant colour.

3 pinks, 3 shades to suit all styles and leave your lips looking soft and irresistible!

The formula is enriched with natural Argan oil and vitamins C* and E with an incredibly soft and fine texture, for maximum comfort and up to 8 hours of moisture.

The three new shades are 

I got 81. If I say Paris Delhi Shanghai as 80, 81 and 82 then it feels awesome that I got Delhi! Let me just cut the blabber and come to the point.

Packaging - When it come to technical things in makeup then Bourjois always wins the race for me. It has a purple body with a silver button. You need to push it and slide it down...ummmm like an umbrella... to open the lipstick. When closing it back, wait for the click when it is locked inside.

Half closed.

Color - OHhhhh...finally I got my perfect Baby Pink! I adore the color. 

Stay - I asked the SA - what about the stay? "8 hrs" "If not then I will return it back" She just gave a nasty smile and said "OK"

I wore this on Monday morning. Loved the color even under the office light and then I had my breakfast and I knew it must have been vanished without a trace. When I saw the mirror after 4 hours of its application I could not believe my eyes.The color was still on my lips with 90% of the applied intensity! Nothing stays on like that on my lips! I almost did a small I-m-soo-happy dance ^_^

But then I also noticed a bit of flakiness. I reapplied after lunch but by evening I noticed that it was very drying. I would suggest to use a nice balm under it.

Lip Swatch

N*de Lips for reference.

With Sweet Kiss 81 Rose Folk

Smell - It smells just like those lip creams which I hate the most but then the smell is very less and it goes away thankfully.

Price - Its 650 INR...but wait something is wrong....I checked with the bill and they have charged me 750 INR!

I remember the boy SA saying to the girl SA when she mentioned the huge price- "750???" And she said "YES!"

I completely forgot to check as I was busy with the other stuff in the store.

Word of Caution - If you are buying from Bourjois Lifestyle GIP counter then please recheck the price! Now I will have to visit them again this weekend to ask why they did this to me!

Recommend - Yes for sure! But do check the other colors as well. In case you have dry lips then please stay away as it really makes your lips dry. I ended up using the Raam-Baan of lip issues - Boroline last night to take off the flakes that I got from this......well I used it without any lip balm......twice in a day

PS - What are your thoughts about the color? 

PPS - I also wanted that Khakhi nail polish that the girl is wearing in the first pic but then I only want bright colors for spring. What do you say, should I get that?

PPPS - Boroline is very important for a Bong ^_^
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