Mar 10, 2012

5 Days to Sweet&Bitter Giveaway - Check you 7 points! ( CLOSED )

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned many times I am having huge issues with IntenseDebate. I wanted it because the people who comment can leave the links to their post but after 2 months of struggle I uninstalled it today. All the ID comments are gone but I still have my account so can check those comments if need be. I will badly miss all your sweet comments..*sob sob*

Anyways coming to the point - As the comments are gone and there was also a lot of confusion with the entries made in the Giveaway post, I decide to summerize the entries.

The question always asked - International? - Yes  Oui  Sí  Ja  Hai  是  N-ae .... it is :)

Do check if your name and entries are properly mentioned in the following link.

I have entered earlier but my name is not in the list. Why?

Because of any one or both of the following which were the mandatory things to do (refer) -
1. Your GFC name was missing. 
2. Your FB name was missing.
Please provide the complete information by commenting in this post.

Some have provided their email ids but that was not required. Some even shared it in FB which was also not necessary but thanks a lot...*big smile*

In case of any issues please leave your comments. Also, in case you want to add new entry then please comment here.

To add extra entry then please mention that in the comment section with your row number in the sheet.

Last day to Enter the blog is on 15th Mar '12, 11:59 GMT. 

Winner will be declared on 17th Mar '12.

For any other issues please feel to mail me at SweetAndBitterBlog@Gmail.Com

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