Feb 29, 2012

Another N*de - Maybelline Colorama Beige Natural

I know how everybody has gone crazy about n*de. To be frank I wasn't at all. But I am crazy about free gifts specially those that we get with makeup. Once there was a scheme of getting a box (which presently is stuffed with all my nail polishes) for buy of 800 or 1000 INR. I was falling sort of 50 bucks and then the SA suggested me this. I wasn't really sure to get a pale color but then I didn't had time to search for more.

I am still so glad that I did because once I tried this, I realized this is the perfect n*de for my nails and the stay and shine is also perfect.

Care for a Chinese Breakfast in Kolkata? Welcome to Tiretta Bazaar

Kolkata is a very varied city. Its a very laid back city which tests your patience to the T so if you don't have any then please do not come here otherwise you will end up seeing only the bad things about this old city. It is place where shops even pharmacies close in the afternoon for siesta. When in Kolkata even I like the slow rides in the trams. (If I were in the Delhi mood where its always Jaldi-karo (do it fast), I would have killed the tram driver.)

Filled with lot of people from various backgrounds who moved to this places mainly after wars or partition, it is still one of the places in India which has a sizable Chinese population. Kolkata is also the only place in India which has a Chinatown. Most of the Chinese here are Hakka origins who are here from 1800s. Their population was 20,000 once but now only around 2000 in 2009. The decline was due to the Indo-Sino war and also the atrocities of Indian govt on Indian born Chinese which is suppressed or not talked at all. Many say its less then 200 now but then I do not agree with that. You can find them in good restaurants and also some beauty parlours. I did my hair straingting in 2009 from one of the Chinese parlor in Kiddherpore and she took just 3000 INR for my medium length hair even when she used Matrix products! And she did an amazing job.

Anyways, what I am saying here is though you can find the best Chinese in town in Tangra ..anyone from Kolkata will purely understand what I mean here...but there is a special place for breakfast. At around 5:30 in the morning everday the place between the Calcutta Improvement Trust building and Poddar Court in India Exchange Place Extension turns into a farmers market with all kinds of Chinese greens, poultry and pork sausage. Along with it you can find some Chinese people selling authentic Chinese breakfast.

Feb 27, 2012

My First Solid Perfume - L'Occitane En Provence Cherry Blossom (Fleurs de Cerisier)Review + What / How to use / Why Solid Perfume

 This is the first time I am reviewing about a perfume. Thing is I have a over-sensitive nose. I can tell if a person has smoked in the last 6 hours or if a food is sweet or salty just by smell. I know I can be very irritating at times just because of this..*evil grin*

What is a solid perfume?

Let me first tell something about solid perfumes -Solid perfume is nothing but a perfume in solid perfume. Do not think its a new concept because solid perfumes are used since ancient Egyptians times. Long back I read in Tinkle (yes the favorite comics of my childhood and I over over 70 copies even after donating a lot), that solid perfumes were how perfumes came into existence but that a long story which you can google out or I can tell on a nice Sunday afternoon over a glass of fruit punch.

How to use solid perfume?

Just take some and rub on your wrist and behind your ears and you are ready to go. You might like to warm up the wax a bit on your fingers before applying or rub it gently while applying to melt it and explose the middle and base notes. As your body warms and the wax melts, you can smell the whiffs of the perfume.

Why use a solid perfume?

First because you must have a perfume in your bag always. These solid perfumes generally comes in tin tubs rather than the glass ones as your favorite EDT or EDP. Also they are very small in sizes.

Feb 23, 2012

NYX Carribean Collection - I Dream of St. Lucia Eyeshadow Palette Swatch + Review + Where to Buy

Hi Girls,

Finally I am back from Andaman with wonderful memories and super tanned skin. I am so tanned that the person from whom I get my grocery commented - "Where you roasted in some Hell?" 

Yes, I am roasted but not in Hell. Andaman has the most wonderful beaches that I have ever seen! The Turquoise clear water with little or no waves is a place to be. Anyways after being back from those beaches I wanted to start again with the blog (lot of catch up to do and lots of blogs to read) something beach worthy and here comes the 
NYX Carribean Collection - I dream of St. Lucia Eyeshadow Palette .

Ever since I wanted a vivid eyeshadow colors, I have been eyeing for this palette. Somehow I was not very into a 88 or 120 palette as I might not even use any. The purpose here is only to own them *grin*. The freedom system from Inglot was trempting but then I didn't wanted to spend on things that I will very rarely use.

Feb 13, 2012

Help me choose a Pink Nail Polish

I want to wear a simple pink nail polish for this valentine - no nail art otherwise I would have made vintage roses.. (will show that in some other post). When I opened my box with a confused mind nothing looked like Pink to me. So I asked a guy to pink pink from all the colors. They work in Windows 16 bit colors when dividing colors into primary is form the best they can do. He even picked some purples and reds but then I out rightly rejected.

Feb 10, 2012

Noida News - Clinique is Here!

I know there are so many cities where the access to good brands is simply zero. These brands are also hard to find online. But we are also hard to satisfy. There are so many brands in Delhi which are yet to come to Noida. And I was so excited when I saw them Clinique in Lifestyle of GIP, Noida, I had to share it with you....awww look at those brown eggs! Have to have a brown egg omlette now!

Feb 5, 2012

Taking A Break + MIA Alert

Hello Dear,

I will be on a break for at least 2 weeks with no or very limited access to internet. I will try to do posts as I will have my laptop but then I will be Missing in Action (MIA) which means -

1. No reply to your comments (that I love to do BTW so will get back to each one  of them when I return). 
2. Similarly no reply to your mails etc. (which again I love to do so you know what I will do when I return)
3. I will not be able to follow up with your blogs or comment on them. Since I hate to miss anything, you will see a huge traffic in your blog from my IP when I return *wink* 
4. Very less number of post and the post will mostly have pics. No detailed product reviews unless those reviews were already written and just need a small input from me.

Something that I would like to share -

Feb 3, 2012

Colorbar Mystic Collection - 88 Turquise & 93 Moss Agate Swatches

Whenever there is a talk about a new nail polish color, Colorbar is what I have to look at. They have launched a new collection - Mystique Collection with 6 new shades of lip sticks of Soft touch and 6 new colors of nail colors.

6 New shades of Soft Touch Lipstick (clockwise starting from the orange one)

Feb 2, 2012

From Where I Got Physicians Formula Products?

Whenever I do a product review, I make sure to mention where you can get it in the best bargain. The problem started when I had PF products to review. I got comments for how I get them but I didn't had a one line answer. If there was ever a drugstore brand that I want in India then I will say PF simply for its pretty packaging. I would have said NYX long back but now we easily get them though at a higher price.

How I got all I wanted from PF -

I have a simple rule - while buying stuffs that has shipping charges, make sure to buy more than one stuff. that way the shipping charges do not look huge anymore! And opening a package that has more than one stuff is always more entertaining than a package with one item.

Feb 1, 2012

Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra Smoothing Bronzer - Light Bronzer 7337 - Swatch + Review

Hello Dear,

How is this week going for you? I so wish I was in college. We only had 5 days class...well now also I have 5 days working but then Wednesday first half used to be off for student-teacher discussions. And Student-teachers discussions meant you can sleep as much as you want. I am on leave today and woke up just a few minutes back. I also meet my college friends yesterday so its like being in college once again. Even my room is looking that messed now!

Anyways coming back to post, today is the turn of Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear  Smoothing Bronzer - Light Bronzer. I got this along with Shimmer Strip - n*de.

What is this all about?

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