Dec 12, 2011

Orange and Coral Lipstick for Pigmented Lips

My lips are pigmented in an unusual way and kinda pale during winters. Opaque lip colors are must. Luckily I found 2 everyday lip colours from Maybelline Color Sensational Moisture Extreme Range - Bronze Orange and Coral. Pink They do not have any sparkle or shimmer so perfect for everyday use. They are always in my office makeup pouch.

How I got Both : I used to have a Lissome Grace Lip Colour (don't know if its still available) in a matte burnt orange kinda shade... name I do not remember. It used to actually lit up my face. Super Opaque, smooth and good stay.

When it was about to get over, I went from MAC to Inglot to find a dupe (Imagine my condition when the Estee Lauder asked me which brand the color was!) but everyone failed. MAC has something similar but with sparkle so absolute no no for everyday.

Then I found a near dupe Bronze Orange in Maybelline! I did not brought it that day as I wanted to invest in a better brand (read costly one) and also Bronze Orange was not matte.

Then somewhere I saw Pink Coral and super liked it too.

Initially I used to think they are the similar colour and wanted to buy just one. When applied very very lightly in different stores, they look kinda similar to me. Unfortunately I could never find a store where they had testers for both but finally(luckily) I got irritated as I could not even find a dupe and brought both of them.

Colours - Both Bronze Orange and Coral Pink are great for medium Indian Skin tones. As they are very smooth to apply you might over-apply at times. But keep in mind that you do not over-apply Pink Coral as your lips might look like a candy.

On everyday basis I just dab them on my lips to get the matte natural tinted look. As a result, I get the color with much longer stay - around 4-5 hours.

Price - At 220 INR for 4g, they are very  nicely priced.

Stay - Staying power is not that nice. But on my lips anything face a hard time to stay as I have the tendency to eat them...God help me.....unless they fast absorbing like the Burt's Bees Lip Balm. Anyways, I do not mind reapplying.

Re-purchase? Absolutely! I do not want to run from one store to another again for one single lip colour again.
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