Dec 22, 2011

Crackle Vs Crackle

From the first time I saw crackle nail paints, I know I wanted them. As usual my wait started as you know it takes time for stuffs to get in India. When I spotted them in Colorbar Shop (mind it that its not the counters), i was in seventh heaven. Though the price was steep at INR 499, pertaining to my what if I regret later disease, I got it. When I told another nail art addict friend about it, she also wanted it but not for 499! Then started our journery to keep a cheap cost effective crackle polish.

And finally I found one names Lucky Star which have crackle in 12 colours for just 130 INR.

Is it as good as the Colorbar one? Lets check

On my nails I have Revlon Really Rosy which is a dusty rose type of color. Almost in the same lines of Lakme True Wear 250. Really Rosy is tad dustier.

Here are the pics after the crackle is applied-

Index - Lucky Star  Thin Single  Coat
Middle -  Lucky Star Thick Single Coat
Ring -  Colorbar Crackle Thick Single Coat
Pinky -   Colorbar Crackle Thin Single Coat

Cracking - The Lucky star one cracks in the same way irrespective of thin or thick coats. For Colorbar there is difference on how you coat it. So do doubt that with Colorbar you can get different looks. For the Taxi Nail Art, I applied a horizontal and a vertical stoke to get the effect. But for a novice it is a big trouble. What if she cannot control the thickness - all her nails will look different! Yuck...then Lucky star is good enough.

Color - Though both of then are black matte finish crackle, the Lucky Star does not look that intense black initially (These pics were taken right after I applied them). Now after a day, I can see no difference as such.
Lucky star on top has 12 colors to choose from which a plus point again.

Here is a pic that my friend suggested but I completely failed to get that right :-/

So what you going to choose?

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