Dec 1, 2011

Cheapest Nail Art Supplies on Ebay + Free Gift

After all my search I finally found a wonderful seller where I could get Image plates for Rs 99 (they are sold at prices aroun 250 to 350 in shops or online stores), fimo clay sticks for Rs 7.50 and stamp for Rs 135 or 200.

Price : I paid 442 for 3 plates and 1 stamper  + 30 for shipping!!! A call this a loot :)

Here are the image plates that I got.

About Nail Stamping : In case you are not aware of these tiny magical fairy God-Mothers of Nail art then please check in YouTube. You will find hundreds of people talking about it.

Quality : The quality is good. Initially I was having some problem with the stamper but then after cleaning it once with nail polish remover, it was good to go.

These are not the Konad ones. But they are as good as Konad ones. They say you need a special Konad polish. But I do not believe that. I think you can use any polish which is on the thicker side but not too thick. Remember too much of anything is bad... :/

Here is something I tried on one of my nail just to show how it looks.

Nail Colours - Colorama Gabriele (Red) and Colorama Beinge Natural (used as base here)
Design from plate M61. 

Free Gifts : I got 4 Fimo clay sticks!!! Yeah! Its true that discounts are good but nothing can beat Free!!!

I got Rose, Blue Butterfly, Heart (now I know my NOTD for Valentine's Day) and Orange. Aren't they good?

Final Verdict - The are great. Completely on the sweeter side :).
To know more about the seller from whom I got this click ~here~
He is really good (more than 99% positive feedback) and do talk to him about combined shipping. Because I have to buy 6 items, he made a custom link just for me with combined shipping. He even have Konad ones.

Are you too crazy about nail art? Let me know if you liked them.

Disclosure - I am not linked with the seller and have brought the items with my own money. 
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