Dec 31, 2017

Skincare and Beauty Empties || Plus Repurchases

Skincare and Beauty Product Empties and Repurchases
Skincare and Beauty Product Empties and Repurchases

2017 wasn't a great year for my skin. (Read: Forehead acne). Majorly because I was hardly taking care of my skin during summer. But, in the last couple of months, I was trying to be more regular. As a result, I was reaching out to my favorites, and hence, this post majorly has products that get over are and were instantly repurchased :D

So, read more to see my favorites and products which didn't make the cut.

Let's start with what got repurchased. The following products are my favorite. Add The Body Shop Rainforest Shampoo in the following list, and you have my 'Favorites That I Always Repurchase List'

Dec 24, 2017

MINISO Haul + My Christmas Tree

MINISO Haul (Japanese brand with affordable prices)

Do you have any favorite mall? The one which has all your favorite brands or you just love to roam around? Long back it was GIP and Saket malls. But, it is now (hands down) Mall of India. My Uber shows Malls of India first on my list of suggested locations. (Oh Uber! You just know it when you know it.) It is mainly because it has all the brands and more because it is also the favorite destination for new brands. So, one day after doing my usual rounds at HomeCenter (I go there every time I visit. I can help you around the store more than the staff.), I stepped out to find a brand I have never heard of - Miniso. You can declare at this point that I live under a stone up on some unknown mountain.

My curiosity got the better of me, and I stepped in. I saw the word Japanese, and the first this that click my mind was - Muji. The second and the horrifying thing that clicked - expensive. I better check the price right after I pick something - even before I decide if I like/want/need it or not. To my wonder, everything was mostly priced at either 150 or 230 or 280. Fewer things were expensive, but even those by local Indian prices were low.

I grabbed a basket to shop it all but when another thought clicked in - what if they are not good? So, I restricted my haul to just five products. By the time I clicked the images, and I was ready to write the post, I realized that the products are not bad for the prices so, went back again to pick few more products.

Nov 17, 2017

The Body Shop New Launch + Online Sale Haul

The Body Shop India #VegansUnite
The Body Shop India #VegansUnite Month

There was a time when I used to travel every weekday to Gurgaon from Noida. But, I do not have that energy anymore. So, I avoid going there as much as I can. But, this Wednesday I was looking forward to going to Gurgaon. Not only I got to meet a lot of bloggers, but I also got to see the new launch by The Body Shop. I was editing the post when the I got another parcel - things I got a few days back when their website was offering 30% on three products. So, added those in the post as well.


Nov 1, 2017

My Envy Box Anniversary Edition 2017

My Envy Box Anniversary Edition 2017
My Envy Box Anniversary Edition 2017

am probably the last person to blog about this. Again, my Envy Box reached Kolkata, and I received it by the time the month was over. I did an Instagram post but wanted to try the products before the review. This was their anniversary edition box, and I love everything about this.

Oct 23, 2017

Kama Ayurveda SHUBH Limited Edition Soap Box

Kama Ayurveda SHUBH Limited Edition Soap Box Review
Kama Ayurveda SHUBH Limited Edition Soap Box Review

Kama Ayurveda launched three unique gift boxes for the festive season. I got two (this and Kannauj Box), and you must have seen the haul by now. I know that Diwali is over, but the box is still available. So, without any delay, I wanted to talk about this.

The Shubh box has four limited edition soaps inspired by the Pooja thali so, there is Haldi, Chandan, tulsi, and the quintessential nariyal. (Turmeric, Sandalwood, Basil, and Coconut). I am nuts about coconuts so, I had to have this box. Also, there is a Hand Carved Soap Holder made from stone. Each article comes in a box, and all of them are housed together inside a Mughal inspired box making it ideal for gifting.

Price: Rs 1500. Complimentary with purchase worth Rs 4000 from Kama Ayurveda.

Oct 17, 2017

Random Shopping Haul (Innisfree, Muji, FabIndia, and Other)

Random Shopping Haul (Innisfree, Muji, FabIndia and Other)
Random Shopping Haul (Innisfree, Muji, FabIndia, Aroma Magic, and Other)

Has it ever happened to you that you went out to just shop but end up getting nothing? But, when you thought just to do some window shopping, you discover the best of things? This weekend, I had faced the later. I had zero intention to shop because the shops are overflowing with people buying gifts for their family and friends. I was bored so, stepped out. I discovered some beautiful things that I wanted to show you. The urge is so much that I am writing this on my train journey.

Oct 12, 2017

Kama Ayurveda Kannauj Rose Limited Edition Box

Kama Ayurveda Kannauj Rose Limited Edition Box
Kama Ayurveda Kannauj Rose Limited Edition Box

Do you remember Orkut? Everybody had an account in Orkut. I actually signed up to Gmail for an Orkut account. Things were simple. You made friends with people you know. 'Angel Priya' was out of the question. It was fun with the scraps and all. It was easier to know people because everybody would 'Like' pages which you could view. You can check that get to know people. You know what one of the pages I liked back in 2007 was 'I Hate Roses'. There were just 74 people who liked it, but you get my point here. I could never tolerate the fragrance. Then, I slowly started including natural skincare in my life and rose water walked in. But, I was still not in love with them because they all smell artificial. I was not religious with rose waters. 

Three years back, I discovered Kama Ayurveda and their steam-distilled Kannauj Rose Water. It made a massive change in my life and I still now use rose water every day. The fragrance is real and absolutely beautiful. So, I have requested the store manager at various stores that they must retail the rose fragrance. It will be a hit. But, they only smiled.

Maybe one of them listened, or for some other reason, they did launch the rose diffuser oil. But, in a limited edition gift box worth Rs 3000. Luckily, they were offering it complimentary with purchase. I took this as a sign and stock up on my favorites and needs. (Haul post)

Himalaya Herbals #4FabulousHair

Himalaya Herbals #4FabulousHair
Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Range #4FabulousHair

You know that I have been sulfate-free for years. But, they cost a bomb and are not available easily. Last year, when I was in a town with no access to malls, I discovered that Himalaya Herbals is the only brand which retails shampoos with no SLS. Some variants are entirely free of sulfates, but some have ALS (which is a better than SLS). They are a good choice if you wish to go SLS free without burning a hole in your pocket. I even mentioned Himalaya Herbals Damage Repair Protein Shampoo in my Favorites of the Year 2016

Couple of weeks, back Himalaya Herbals kindly send me a box with four of their haircare products for complete care #4FabulousHair. Get it? 4 products....4 Fabulous Hair?

Oct 9, 2017

Kama Ayurveda Festive Gift Boxes Haul

Kama Ayurveda is one brand that never has sales/offers. So, when I found that they are offering special gift boxes as a gift, I had to stock up my favorites and try something. 

For Diwali and this festive season, Kama Ayurveda is retailing three special boxes. As far as I can remember, the only time they offered a gift box on purchase back in 2014. But, this time the boxes are grand. I must salute the person who worked on this because of its a collection of limited editions products in a beautiful gift box. 

Here is what I purchased - Let's start with the exciting boxes:

I wanted two of the three boxes - Shubh Box and Kannuj Box. I skipped the Madurai Box.

Kama Ayurveda Shubh Limited Edition Soap Box
Kama Ayurveda Shubh with Four Limited Edition Soaps - Hladi, Chandan, Tulsi, and Nariyal
  • Subh Box which has four limited edition soaps - Haldi Brightening Soap, Chandan Ayurvedic Soap, Tulsi Natural Soap, and my favorite Nariyal! (JustHerbs also launched Coconut Soap which smells great.) But, the star of the box is the beautiful soap case. I loved it to the core. (Review of the box will be up in a week). The box is for Rs 1500. You can get it for free if you purchase Rs 4000. More about the box here.

Sep 19, 2017

Just Herbs ROSE WATER [100% Natural, No Alcohol, No Artificial Fragrance]

Just Herbs Rose Water [100% Natural, Alcohol Free, No Artificial Fragrance] Review
Just Herbs Rose Water [100% Natural, Alcohol-Free, No Artificial Fragrance] Review

Were you aware of the fact that Just Herbs retailed rose water? I wasn't until they did a pop-up store in Delhi last month. (They should do that more often and at more cities). I was excited about this because I love their rose petal face mask (Petalsoft), as well as the fragrance of the new Just Herbs, rose soap. (The coconut soap is divine). I started using it right away.

Rose water is great for oily acne prone skin. They are antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory effects so, acts as natural astringent. It instantly hydrates skin and also helps in oil control.

Just Herbs Rose Water is 100% natural steam distilled face mist of Rosa Centifolia (Indian Cabbage Rose/Shatapatri). It is alcohol-free and has no artificial fragrance. Just Herbs products are not tested on animals.

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