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Aug 29, 2016

Bali Haul (Featuring Local Brands and More)

Face Shop Hand Cream

You know my love for local and natural products. So, I searched for them before I went to Bali. I talked to few Indonesian bloggers who were extremely helpful and guided me. Instagram also helped me find some local brands in Bali. I also wanted to pick things that I had not spotted in Kuala Lumpur Airport and those which are not available here in India.

So, without taking much of your time, here is what I picked. I will do a separate post for few of the  local brands later.

Aug 28, 2016

FabBag August 2016 || The What The Chic

FabBag August 2016 || The What The Chic
FabBag August 2016 || The What The Chic

One great thing that comes with staying away from home for long is the bulk of packages you get to open. I am probably the last of to talk about the FabBag this August. But, I could not skip on it as the box is just perfect.

Keeping in line with the rubbery material used in their Lip Bag (its soft so, I took it with me to Bali to keep headphones, USB cords, etc. ), this is a pink bobby printed which is cute and glam.

Now, let dig in

My Envy Box August 2016

The monsoon special My Envy Box has colorful umbrellas on it. Let's see what they have tucked inside the box.

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