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Sep 29, 2016

Japakusum Ayurvedic Scalp Lotion: Anti-Hairfall Superhero

Japakusum Ayurvedic Scalp Lotion Review
Japakusum Ayurvedic Scalp Lotion Review

If you have read some of my recent posts, then you might have been aware that I was suffering from acute hair loss. I have never faced something like this in my life. I could see my hair falling everywhere. When I would get up from a seat and even on pillows, I could see a lot of my hair. It was heart-breaking. Initially, I was trying to ignore it, and I even stopped combing my hair. For curvy-wavy hair, it is tough to know if hair is combed or not. I used to ask my Mom to comb my hair. At the beginning of August, I could not take it anymore and had to visit a doctor.

Sep 27, 2016

The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-In-1 Mask Scrub Mask

The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-In-1 Mask Scrub Mask Review
The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-In-1 Mask Scrub Mask Review

The tree range has always been one the celebrated skincare range from The Body Shop for acne-prone skin. In the past years, they have been introducing several new products in the same line. Recently, they added revamped the whole look for their products and also introduced two more products – a 3-in-1 Wash, Scrub, Mask and an Anti-Imperfection Solution (will review that later). 

I was really excited to try it and used it on the same day - thought it was past midnight!

Price: Rs 1295 for 125ml

Texture: Granular paste. The granules are of varying shape but not rough. The exfoliating granules is Perlite, a natural mineral of volcanic origin. As the base of the product is kaolin. 

Fragrance: Tea Tree. The tea tree used is organic and grown on the foothills of Mount Kenya.

Packaging: Tube packaging which is hygienic and preserves the goodness of tea tree.

Sep 26, 2016

The Body Shop ENGLISH DAWN GARDENIA EDT and Shower Gel (Limited Edition)

The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Eau De Toilette and Shower Gel
The Body Shop English Dawn Gardenia Eau De Toilette and Shower Gel Review

Last weekend, I went to Surat, and my very first stop was The Body Shop. The moment I entered the store, the bright baby blue perfume bottle caught my attention. I am not a big fan of The Body Shop perfumes, but I could not resist. English Dawn Gardenia is a limited edition range so, I could not say no and regret later. To layer up the fragrance, I also picked the shower gel. They had the lotion and the body mist as well in the range. The body butter is not launched in India.

Sep 22, 2016

My Envy Box September 2016

My Envy Box September 2016

How much I love this month's My Envy Box? Oh...let me tell you this. Around ten days back everyone started receiving the box, and I could not get over the idea of how pretty it looked. It reached my home (Kolkata), and I had to pester my mom to sent to my hotel address here in Vapi. (She also sent me something else - an electronic device - but I will share more on that later.)

Finally, after travelling all the way - from east to west - and I got to opened it yesterday. Ahh, the box is beyond cute. I always appreciate when they work on it. In the last few months, the graphics were just not making the cut, but this is great. All it is missing is a little handle, and you can call your suitcase where you keep your happy memories to take you to a magical land. Too cheesy? I guessed so. But, you have to agree that the stamps are also very thoughtful.

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