Jan 11, 2019

Skincare Specials - Anti Acne, Must Haves, & Luxury

Travelling again on train and here is another post you as there is nothing to disturb me now. :D

In my last post, I share my daily skincare routine. It features the most used products used daily. Do give it a read to know the whats and whys. But, skin needs something special now and then.

Here are few things that I love to used. Most of them have been in my life for a long time.

Jan 1, 2019

Skincare Routine AM & PM with Natural Products

Happy New Year

Let’s start the new year with one of the most requested post – Skincare Routine. 

My skincare routine is very simple and aims at basics. It is not perfect and may or may not be suitable for you. But, I will share why I use any of the product and what are the alternatives that I enjoy.

If you have troubled skin then I might not be the best person to help you out here and I will urge you to visit a doctor. Last year I had forehead acne which I later found out was because of stress. By the way, the reason of my stress was bad skin. So, here I am leaving you to do the math :D

Dec 29, 2018

The Body Shop VANILLA MARSHMALLOW (Winter Special Limited Edition) (What To Buy and What Not To Buy)

My first visit to The Body Shop store was around Christmas time. The SA convinced me to get the winter special – Spiced Vanilla because it is a special edition and people wait an entire year for those. I had just dipped my toes in TBS addiction waters, so I was not aware of the whole thing. Anyways, I got it, and I still thank my stars for doing so. Unfortunately, Spiced Vanilla did not show up after a couple of years. There was one Vanilla Chai last year, but it was nowhere close to what I needed in my life. 

So, you can imagine how happy I was when I got the news about the Vanilla Marshmallow range. I love all of them except one. 

Dec 13, 2018

Postcards from Jaipur (Weekend Trip)

When I used to travel from Noida to Gurgaon every day for office (ie. 2010!), there were times when I spotted a big white bus with two puppets, which will immediately, put a smile on my traffucked life. Later, I got to know that these were the buses which ply to Jaipur. At that time, my husband's and my parents were not aware that we go to trip together. Hence, we always avoided two states while traveling - J&K (because it was not very safe around then) and Rajasthan (What if someone for his family spotted us?)
Therefore, Jaipur remained a mythical place for me and the plans to visit never materialized.

Eight years went by and I could not visit Rajasthan. (Last year, I went to Jodhpur and Udaipur but those were to meet some people and not to travel.)

My journey started on Friday. It was quite an eventful start. 

For now, here are some clicks from the trip.

Oct 9, 2018

8 The Body Shop TEA TREE Skin Clearing and Anti-Imperfection Review

8 The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing and Anti-Imperfection Review
8 The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing and Anti-Imperfection Review

One of my favorite products from The Body Shop is the Tea Tree 3 in 1 Face Wash, Scrub, Mask. I love it as a mask, and it pulls out white heads that are under the surface like a champion. Tea Tree is one of TBS's bestselling range with organic Tea Tree from Kenya.

The star of the show is the Tea Tree Oil. Then, there are two lines of products - 
  • Skin clearing: Basic everyday skincare with face wash, wipes, and toner.
  • Anti-Imperfection: Special care skincare with the daily solution and sleeping mask.
But, what I love most is TBS 3-in-1 Wash Scrub Mask

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