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Dec 1, 2016

FabBag Partyholic December 2016

FabBag Partyholic December 2016
FabBag Partyholic December 2016

Its the first of December and FabBag already delivered the FabBag to me. They shipped it yesterday. I mean this is going crazy and I am loving it for being so strict with timelines. Let's see if the products live up to it

Winter Skincare with Himalaya Herbals

Himalaya Herbals Winter Skincare
Himalaya Herbals Winter Skincare

It's December and its winter in India (almost everywhere) ๐Ÿ˜. Your skin must be demanding extra love and care. So, I wanted to do a shout out with these lovely care goodies from Himalaya.

Himalaya Lip Care Soft Natural Vanilla and Strawberry
Himalaya Lip Care Soft Natural Vanilla and Strawberry

Himalaya Lip Care: I don't know a person who likes chapped lips. Everyone used a lip care product time to time. While there are a million choices in the market but there are hardly those which are free of mineral oil, petroleum jelly, preservatives, and silicones and yet doesn't burn a whole in your pocket. I tried these lip balms in February and absolutely loved it. Even the colors and Vitamin E used in the lip balms are 100% natural. There are five variants to choose from. I reviewed them here.
  • Vanilla
  • Cocoa
  • Strawberry
  • Litchi
  • Peach

Nov 29, 2016

Nykaa Earl Grey Tea Cake and Lychee Delight

Nykaa Earl Grey Tea Cake and Lychee Delight

There is something about grey. They works as neutrals and still manages to stand out. They work well with almost every color. While you can get grey clothing easily, grey nail polishes are not that common. For long, MUA Koala Bear has been my go-to grey nail polish but the formula was not perfect. Now, I have these.  

I got both of them in my Nykaa haul. (Hope you have seen it)

The Classic Comeback: Style the Vintage Handbag Like A Pro

The Vintage Handbags are the ultimate comeback from the last century, a classic fashion statement that’ll be distinctively yours, for not many can put up with its age-old charms.

So while you go opting for that classic vintage piece of yours, keep in mind a few of these style hacks to pull off that vintage appeal!

Accessorizing the right way 

While sporting a Vintage ladies bag can be a tricky affair, accessorizing it right can totally amp up your look. Opt for a statement accessory that compliments the style & tone of your bag, probably even match up with the embellishments, maybe jewelry or scarves, a pair of sunglasses to go & so much more, balancing the art of doing it right. Not only will it look subtly purposeful, but it'll also be the perfect blend of vintage & modern – top to toe.

Top Bridal styling lessons from Bollywood

Bollywood has been our stylopedia for generations. B-Town beauties and their flawless fashion avatar have kept us hooked for years. Especially, when it comes to special occasions, one looks up to the Bollywood divas for styling tips. In the wedding season, every eye is on soon to be hitched Bollywood damsels. And why not! They are the ones who set the style trend for the brides-to-be. So here’s the B-town look book to pick up some dazzling fashion hacks for your wedding. 

Vidya Balan kept it a glittery affair with gold

Crimson brides love to indulge in their passion for gold jewelry. And we know, it’s something they can’t help! After all, the grand wedding procession is bland without the yellow metal. Vidya Balan truly represented the love of Indian brides for intricate gold jewelry. Decked in gold jewelry, she kept it vibrant yet understated. While Ms. Balan wore multiple strands of gold jewelry, she kept her matching earrings relatively subtle.

If your preference also lies with gold jewelry for your wedding day, go for designs with a modern twist. You don’t need to ditch traditional styles to embrace the contemporary ones, but the blend of both will work wonders. Online jewelry shopping platforms like have several modern designs of gold jewelry in its stock to allure young brides.

Nov 17, 2016

Animals From Fairytales

Nail Art with Dots; Animal Print Contrast Colors; Featuring Nykaa Matte Nail Polish
Nail Art with Dots; Animal Print Contrast Colors; Featuring Nykaa Matte Nail Polish

One of the reasons to start a blog was to share my nail art. When was the last time I shared one here? I do not even want to look back and feel guilty. Recently I tried this simple one my nail and many appreciated it when they saw it on Instagram. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜™

So, by popular demand, here is what I did.

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