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Skincare and Makeup Favorites of 2016

This was long overdue. People often request me for good skincare products which are worth it, and I end up suggesting those same products over and over. I wanted to do a post with my favorites so next time someone asks me, I can just redirect them to this post. 😊
This year, because of traveling, change of water and food, plus disease, my skin changed its mind like a toddler with picky eating habits. My skin was dry to normal most of my life. It turned into an oily combination, and acne-prone when I moved to Kolkata a few years back. This year it majorly stayed normal combination. In the last few months, it also felt dry and normally most of the time. Maybe because of my use of oils, my oil producing glands are not as active as it used to be. #FingersCrossed Also, I lived most of the year in non-humid weather. 
My skin is not highly sensitive, but it is sensitive as I get rashes if I try harsh products. That is one reason I stay away from parlor facials and products high on chemicals…

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