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Jun 24, 2016

Welcome to India, NYX (Product and Price List)

NYX Pro #NYXIndia Lip Pouch Bag
NYX Pro #NYXIndia Lip Pouch Bag

I have great news for makeup lovers. 

~ ~ Drum-rolls please ~ ~

NYX is coming to India.

Unless you do not follow international brands or live under a rock, you must have seen people raving about NYX products. I have seen it on various blog. I finally gave into the craze when I purchased my first NYX from eBay in 2011. Along the years, I have bought them from eBay, from Indian online websites and Sephora. While Sephora is the only place where one can touch and feel the products, the shelves were always empty. I have never seen all the goods from NYX in stock at Sephora. But, I should not be complaining because, at Sephora, I found NYX Amsterdam.

Jun 23, 2016

New Beauty Destination -

I remember there was a time when online shopping was the only way to shop for makeup and skincare. Slowly, many websites closed and others were not up to the mark. Few survived but had their issues. Online giants also started selling beauty products, but truth be told, I shopped from them only when left with no other options. Seeing a new website is always a relief. But, does Aplava stands out? 

What is Sweet about 
  • A lot of brands are available that are not available on other websites. There are many international websites as well as Indian brands which are tough to source. Dermalogica, Thalgo, Ren, Bottega di Lungavita, Tvam, Sebamed are to name a few. 
  • Their unique selling point is personalized beauty. Aplava asks a variety of questions regarding your skin type, tone, and other additional issues. When your profile is ready, they recommend products that are perfect for your concerns. It is an excellent way to explore the website and the products. 

Jun 20, 2016

FabIndia PANCH PUSHP Makeup Remover and Deep Cleansing Oil Review

FabIndia Panch Pushp Makeup Remover and Deep Cleansing Oil Review
FabIndia Panch Pushp Makeup Remover and Deep Cleansing Oil Review

These days I look forward my visit to FabIndia. They are launching new products which not only affordable but works perfectly and have great ingredients. Next time someone complains that good skin care is expensive, point them to the nearest FabIndia store. 

On one such recent visit, I discovered the Panch Pushp makeup removers. 'Panch-pushp' literally means five flowers. Most brands use Rose, Marigold, Kewda, Mogra and Saffron. My first Panch Pushp product was a face mist from Oilcraft. While I loved the other two Oilcraft Face Mists, I could not tolerate the Panch Pushp one. Later, I tried the travel size of Forest Essentials Panch Pushp Toner. I liked that but not a fan. So, yes, they are not my favorite fragrance. 

But, this Panch Pushp is different. Fabindia uses - Geranium, Camomile, Rose, Lavender. and Jasmine. So, they are lighter and soothing. I can use an entire bath range of this fragrance. Are you listening FabIndia?

(I think the reason I didn't like the previous two was Kewda. I do not like it in food as well)

Now, let's come to the products.

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